FO: Riddari

Riddari (Cuffs)
Pattern: Riddari
Yarn: Ístex Léttlopi (0056, 0058, 9264, 9426)
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After knitting Strokkur, I didn’t think I would use Léttlopi again. I don’t enjoy knitting with it, and I initially found the completed sweater incredibly prickly. But after wearing it several times, something changed. Either the yarn started to soften up or I got a little tougher, but suddenly I was wearing it all the time. So I decided to knit another sweater with Léttlopi.

I still don’t like knitting with Léttlopi. The yarn is kind of splitty. Sometimes it’s plied very loosely. It’s kind of rough on my hands, which already have eczema to contend with. But I love this sweater. It’s soft and squishy and warm. The fit is perfect.

These are the major changes I made to the pattern. I made choices based on how my two Strokkur sweaters turned out, particularly the one knit in Léttlopi, which I used to determine the body and sleeve lengths.

  • CO 40 sts for the sleeves and worked increases to 58 sts, which eliminated one rep of the yoke chart.
  • Short rows before and after the yoke.
  • Reduced the yoke to only 35 rows, because the original depth would have been too big for my smallish frame.
  • Changed the last few rows of the yoke, in order to reintroduce the cuff and hem pattern into the collar.

It’s also worth noting that I knit the body and sleeves (two-at-a-time) bottom up, however I started knitting the yoke before I finished the sleeves, because I wanted to get to the fun part. So I cast on stitches with scrap yarn, worked the yoke and collar, then returned to my sleeves. When I completed them, I used Kitchener stitch to graft them onto the body. I don’t recommend this. It looks fine, but it was annoying.


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