FO: Langoz #4

Langoz #4
Pattern: Langoz, With a Nod to Ms. Walker
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport (Avocado, Marina, Sagebrush)
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This is my fourth Langoz sweater. This time I was knitting for an acquaintance, who is due in March and whose baby shower is on Sunday.

Each time I knit this pattern, I do something differently: I use different needles, I skip a step here, add a little color there, bind off differently. It’s a cute, basic pattern that can easily be modified, which is probably why it’s become my go-to baby gift.

While knitting this Langoz, the section of mosaic knitting was my biggest departure from the pattern. I knew I wanted to do some colorwork, but I didn’t want to do stranded knitting. A quick search of the patterns in my Ravelry library turned up With a Nod to Ms. Walker, which I thought would look good as a single broad, patterned stripe across the body.

I’m also rather pleased to report that all of the yarn from this project was already in my stash. Somehow I have a pile of the Avocado yarn. The Marina and Sagebrush had been, in the back of my mind, on reserve for a pair of children’s mittens, but I think this makes lovely use of the yarn. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to accurately capture the look of the Marina yarn — it’s slightly greener than my photographs show.


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