FO: Freesia Shawl

Freesia Shawl
Pattern: Freesia Shawl
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette (Larch Heather)
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Finishing this shawl makes me want to knit all the lacy fingering-weight shawls. I rarely knit them, but they’re immensely satisfying when I finally complete them. And the last four that I’ve knit, I’ve given away. But this one is mine.

Needless to say, I’m very pleased with this shawl. I used yarn from my stash. Yarn that I purchased in August 2013. It matches my winter coat and my favorite not-knitted winter hat, both of which are somewhat masculine in appearance. I wanted something lacy (but not too lacy) and army green to wear with them. This is that thing.

Freesia Shawl

The garter stitch body was wonderfully unfussy, and the applied lace edging was eventually memorable. I chipped away at it rather inconsistently while working on other projects, and the garter section took me six days, whereas the edging took me 22 days.

The only change I made was knitting the  Left Leaning Decrease  as ssp on the wrong side. (The chart legend defines that symbol as ssk, period.)


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