FO: Gingko

Pattern: Ginkgo
Yarn: Cascade 220 (Tangerine Heather)
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I finished the Gingko scarf on Tuesday. I actually quite dislike knitting scarves, but I did this as a favor for someone else. All things considered, this scarf wasn’t so bad. The pattern was somewhat memorable and didn’t require much concentration. I watched a lot of Midsomer Murders and listened to a lot of black metal while chipping away at this seemingly endless project. It’s an ideal project for picking up and putting down and possibly forgetting about — interrupted knitting at its best. Plus, the rows are short. And it looks very nice after blocking. But it felt like it was on my needles for an eternity.

It’s also quite large. It’s approximately 96″ in length and 11″ wide. I even left off one repeat, because it seemed to be the right size. I also didn’t go up a needle size when I switched from the twisted ribbing to the lace pattern, as the fabric seemed too loose. But these two minor changes aside, I knit the pattern as written.


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