#stEEkal: Prompt #1: Swatch n’ Steek

One of the things I want to do this year is to learn to steek, with my goal being to knit the Fusion cardigan by Elizabeth McCarten. And conveniently, Shannon Cook, Caitlin Hunter, and Drea Renee are hosting a steek-along.

I was at work the day that the KAL was announced, so I’m posting this a few days late, but here’s a picture of the yarn I’m using to knit my swatch, along with my scissors. I dug into my stash and pulled out some leftover Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and Valley Yarns Northampton, which I’ll use to knit the Fusion chart. The pattern actually calls for sport-weight yarn, but for the purposes of learning, I’ve decided to go with worsted.

The other thing worth noting is that while I’d love to learn the crochet method of steeking, Fusion calls for the sewn method, and I’ll be sticking closely to the pattern and knitting eight steek stitches. I’m also curious about whether there’s a difference between knitting a checkerboard or striped pattern in the steek stitches, so I might knit a few swatches.


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