#stEEkal: Prompt #2: Preop

I finished knitting my #stEEkal swatches on Saturday afternoon. Since I work all day on Monday, I’ll be doing the reinforcement and snipping my knits on Tuesday, but here are my “preop” swatches.

The top left swatch uses the Fusion chart minus one background color. It has eight steek stitches, which are knitted in a checkerboard pattern. I’m planning to reinforce the edge stitches using the sewn method, since that’s what the Fusion pattern calls for. I’m planning to do the sewing by hand.

The bottom right uses a chart I made in Google Sheets moments before I began knitting the swatch. As I’m planning to try the crochet method of reinforcement, this swatch has five steek stitches.

The third swatch is also a chart I threw together in Google Sheets. It has eight steek stitches knitted in vertical stripes. I will again hand sew the fabric to reinforce the steeked edges. I made this swatch to see if there’s a difference between knitting the steek stitches in a checkerboard pattern vs. stripes.


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