WIP: Palmyre

My Palmyre shawl has grown quite a bit since I started it at 23:30 on 29 April. I’ve just about reached the end of my first hank of yarn, and I’ve knit 20 of the 26 increases. Knitting DK yarn on US 8 needles certainly speeds up the process, but I also really like the way Farm Twist feels in my hands, so I keep picking the project up.


It’s also fun watching the fabric develop. Up to this point, I had appreciated the speckled yarn trend from afar, without really feeling the impulse to play around with it myself. But now that I’m knitting with it, I get it. The unpredictability of the fabric is fun: not knowing where the splashes and flecks of color will be. And I think the plain stockinette body of the Palmyre shawl is a particularly good canvas for the yarn.

Pattern: Palmyre
Yarn: Madelinetosh Farm Twist (Oeste)
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