WIP: Find Your Fade

As I anticipated, I ended up casting on my Find Your Fade shawl sooner rather than later. It was too hard to resist the charm of the yarns I selected for this project.

After casting on, I quickly realized that it’s equally hard to not give in to the impulse to knit “just one more row.” Similar to my previous experience with speckled yarn, I’m thoroughly enjoying the unpredictability of each colorway: watching how each singular hank transforms into fabric, and blending two in the “Color Melting.” And since I decided to skip the lace sections and knit the entire shawl in garter stitch, this has become an incredibly relaxing and mindless project, making it even harder to put down. It’s the perfect WIP for nights when I get home from work at 22:00, which is four times a week. (The fifth night I get home at 23:00!)

Additional changes: I cast on a couple of times, ultimately deciding that the YOs looked messy and caused a loose edge. I’ve opted to knit a kfb as the increase and slip the stitches along both edges. The recommended double decrease also wasn’t to my liking, so I’m working a centered double decrease (s2kp2), which creates an elegant line of stitches.

Pattern: Find Your Fade
Yarn: Madelinetosh Euro Sock (Antler, Havana [Minimal / Optic], Crudo)
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