FO: Cameo Flower

Cameo Flower
Pattern: Cameo Flower
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Arroyo (Archangel)
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I finished knitting the Cameo Flower shawl on Saturday after making a trip to my LYS to pick up a third hank of Arroyo. It was much more purple than the first two, but really, none of my hanks matched, so I just went with it, and I think it isn’t very obvious.

Cameo Flower

This was a nice project. I cast on for it rather impulsively back in May and breezed through the body repeats pretty quickly. The charted sections seemed to take a lot longer, but I think that’s just because I set this aside to work on other projects. The lace is, in fact, very easy to keep track of and went pretty quickly once I dedicated some time to this shawl.

Because of a recent turn of events in my life, this has become kind of a sad project for me. I never really put much thought into how an FO can embody or reflect the moments and circumstances in which it was created. Some knitters talk about how they can look at a sweater and remember where they were and how they were feeling and stuff like that. I’ve never felt like that before. But some things have changed between when I cast on this shawl and when I bound off, and while I took pictures of it this morning, I found myself thinking about those changes and remembering the moments I worked on this — where I was, what was going on — and I realized how very heavy this FO makes my heart. So I guess I understand now what those other knitters are talking about.


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