WIP Summary: July 2017

July was a rough month. I spent it in a deep, dark depression. I would think, “this must be the bottom,” and then it would get deeper and darker. And it turns out that I can’t knit down here in the deep and the dark. So I did very little knitting this month.

But “very little” does not equal “none at all.” I knitted in fits and spurts, in 15-30 minutes increments while watching the Tour de France highlights when I got home from work. It never felt particularly productive, but I somehow managed to finish my Find Your Fade and my second Palmyre shawl. I wove in the ends, I blocked both shawls, but I never took pictures. I’m sure that I will eventually, but it’s not a priority right now.

My Coloring cardigan and Gull Island henley are still very much untouched. Things are beginning to look up, and while I’ve started thinking about knitting again, I’m still having difficulty focusing. I’d like to finish these two projects soon, but sometimes there’s no rushing these things.

Hopefully August will be better.


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