Rehab Knitting

Unfortunately, I’m not here to share a lovely knitted object that I’ve recently started or finished. In truth, I’ve knitted very little this month.

On 2 December, while I was biking home from work like I do every day, I was struck by another cyclist and ended up in the ER with a tibial plateau fracture, which required open knee surgery.

I brought my knitting with me to the hospital, but recovering from surgery and the process of rehabilitating my knee has been exhausting. It’s difficult. It hurts. And I’m always so damn tired. So I didn’t knit in the hospital.

Last week I was discharged to a sub acute rehab facility, which isn’t as good as home, but it’s better than the hospital, and I can get the assistance and daily PT that I need right now. A couple nights ago, I finally had enough energy to pick up my knitting, and I was able to finish the body on my Arboreal sweater. Hopefully it’s the right length. It’s hard to judge these things when you can’t stand up in front of a mirror. Yesterday I started the sleeves. I’m sort of knitting them two-at-a-time. I’m using two needles, but my plan is to knit to the decrease round on one and then do the same on the other sleeve, repeat to cuff. This is how I ended up knitting the sleeves on my Coloring cardigan, and I liked it. For socks and mittens and other paired things, I think I still prefer the classic two-at-a-time method, but it seems easier to gauge my progress on sleeves when I keep them on separate needles.

I also have my Schwarm shawl — my apologies for the lack of links, but I’m doing this on my iPhone. I started that back in September, and the pattern is easy to remember, and the texture is quite lovely, but I keep putting it aside for other projects. (I also probably should have gone up a needle size, but there’s no turning back now, as I’m already on my second ball of yarn.) I have several sweater quantities of yarn at home, and I’m kind of itching to start those projects, but I’d like to see Schwarm completed before spring.

So that’s where I’m at. I can’t really take pictures. Not nice ones, at any rate. And I won’t be able to block anything until I’m off crutches, which might be another three months. I’m frustrated that I can’t ride my bicycle this winter, as this is my favorite time of the year for riding. I’m sad and angry that after such an emotionally challenging summer, this is how 2017 is wrapping up. But I’m not in a body bag. And at least I can still knit.


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