Knitting Goals for 2018

This year felt like an uphill battle, and my knitting ebbed and flowed as I dealt with all of the obstacles and disappointments of 2017. Despite the lulls, I completed 32 projects, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll finish Arboreal before the year is up. So really, not a bad year for knitting, even if everything else sucked.

I didn’t get to check off many of my 2017 goals. I steeked three swatches, but I decided against knitting a whole cardigan. I didn’t attempt a pieced sweater. Neither did I knit seventeen shawls this year. Maybe I’ll do these things in 2018. Maybe I won’t.

But I did continue assembling a me-made wardrobe. I finished knitting eight sweaters for myself this year — not counting Arboreal. Something about that is kind of incredible. And I have several sweater-quantities of yarn in my stash, so it looks like 2018 will continue this trend. But it would be nice to make something other than sweaters. (I’m toying with the idea of learning to sew.)

Next year, I’d also like to take another stab at brioche. I started something on Christmas Eve 2016, but never got very far with it. I have some yarn set aside for brioche projects, and maybe I’ll revisit this in the forthcoming year.

In 2018, I’d also like to buy less yarn. I have so much yarn! And so little space. My bedroom is a labyrinth of bicycles and fiber-filled bins. So I’d like to knit out of my stash for at least the first six months of the year.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018. If you feel like sharing, what are your knitting goals for 2018?


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