FO: Radiate

Pattern: Radiate
Yarn: Green Mountain Spinnery Mewesic (Evergreen, Mean Mr. Mustard)
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I got home from rehab last Friday, 29 December. The night before, I had finished my Arboreal sweater, so, as far as I was concerned, I was free to start a new project. Nevermind the lingering shawl and mitten and blanket projects already in existence.

So I cast on Radiate that evening. Because the pattern happened to be at the top of my Ravelry queue. Because the yarn was within easy reach, and I still can’t walk unassisted. And I knitted away at it for a week.

And last night, I bound off the last stitch. I don’t think I’m a particularly fast knitter, but I had a lot of time to knit last week, and I was very single-minded about this task.

I’m quite pleased with the finished object. The yarn feels lovely and durable. The yoke pattern was very intuitive. And the fit is perfect. I didn’t follow the pattern for the sleeves, instead opting to go my own way, which usually involves picking up extra stitches and decreasing less, as I don’t like narrow / close-fitting sleeves. I also eliminated the waist shaping, because I like generous, boxy sweaters.


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