FO: Babies Sophisticate

Babies Sophisticate
Pattern: Baby & Child Sophisticate
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted Weight (left: Evergreen, Avocado; right: Indigo Heather, Seraphim)
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Baby Sophisticate is a fun, quick pattern. I chose it because I wanted a cute, mostly stockinette cardigan in a variety of sizes that I could customize with mosaic knitting. I used the charts from the Rusted Roof Shawl and Walk in the Woods.

In addition to the obvious addition of mosaic knitting, I also cast on two additional stitches, which I used for a slip stitch edge while working the garments. I then picked up the collar stitches from the slip stitch and cast on edges at a ratio of 1:1, because I’m a #lazyknitter and instructions like “pick up 1 sts for each garter stitch ridge, 3 sts for every 4 rows along sweater sides and 1 st for each cast on st around left edge” make me cringe. I’m happy with how both collars turned out.

If I did this again (and I might), I’d probably play around with the mosaic patterns a bit more. For the green version in particular, I should have added a stitch at the center back so that the fronts would be even. I also could have removed one mosaic repeat in favor of longer horizontal stripes in the front. I don’t totally love the way the fronts look on the green Sophisticate. But on the whole, I’m pleased with how these turned out.


Baby Knits for June

I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking, nor do I think this is even necessarily possible, but I’ve decided to set aside my personal knitting this month in order to focus on baby knits. Because there are several patterns I’ve wanted to knit for awhile, and my boyfriend’s sister is due towards the end of June. In theory, I’ll finish those two WIPs pictured above and transform all of that yarn into sweaters and maybe a diaper cover. Plus a cardigan sized to fit a four-year-old.

On one hand, it seems a little too ambitious. I work 46 hours a week, and I don’t have an abundance of spare time. On the other hand, I can usually finish a three to six-month sweater in about two days, if I don’t have any major distractions. But I’m also going camping for six days later this month, which will provide me with lots of free time while simultaneously diverting some of my attention away from my usual activities. (I’ll be without my bicycle for six days!)

Baby Knits for June

But rather than thinking about what I could accomplish or typing about what I’d like to do, I should probably just be knitting. (And in fact, I’ve completed half of this sleeve while not so carefully considering my words for this post.)

FO: Langoz #4

Langoz #4
Pattern: Langoz, With a Nod to Ms. Walker
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport (Avocado, Marina, Sagebrush)
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This is my fourth Langoz sweater. This time I was knitting for an acquaintance, who is due in March and whose baby shower is on Sunday.

Each time I knit this pattern, I do something differently: I use different needles, I skip a step here, add a little color there, bind off differently. It’s a cute, basic pattern that can easily be modified, which is probably why it’s become my go-to baby gift.

While knitting this Langoz, the section of mosaic knitting was my biggest departure from the pattern. I knew I wanted to do some colorwork, but I didn’t want to do stranded knitting. A quick search of the patterns in my Ravelry library turned up With a Nod to Ms. Walker, which I thought would look good as a single broad, patterned stripe across the body.

I’m also rather pleased to report that all of the yarn from this project was already in my stash. Somehow I have a pile of the Avocado yarn. The Marina and Sagebrush had been, in the back of my mind, on reserve for a pair of children’s mittens, but I think this makes lovely use of the yarn. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to accurately capture the look of the Marina yarn — it’s slightly greener than my photographs show.