Winter Knits

I knit a lot of shawls. Possibly, I knit too many shawls. There’s a large basket filled with shawls (and hats and maybe some other stuff) next to my winter coat, but there are two, in particular, that I keep reaching for this winter: Authenticity and Monsoon Shawl.

Both are worsted weight shawls, which is one of my favorite types of projects. Satisfying and kind of easy, while still offering some challenge, because those lace repetitions don’t keep track of themselves.


When I finished this Authenticity shawl last February, I actually decided it was too small and I eventually knitted a second one a few months later. But now that it’s winter again, this smaller Authenticity keeps getting draped over my shoulders and tucked under my jacket and stuffed in my bag “just in case.” I’ve since knitted a sweater with the same Swans Island yarn, and I’ve decided that I really like working with it.

Monsoon Shawl

And the Monsoon shawl — which I just reblocked a couple days ago, and that was a giant PITA but so worth it — is this perfect, acidy yellow-green that I’ve decided goes really well with my olive and black wool coat. I knitted this shawl last summer, often while sitting outside upstate, and I loved working that attached lace edging. The entire project used almost an entire hank of Targhee Worsted, but somehow I still ended up with some +30 yards left over.

Pattern: Authenticity
Yarn: Swans Island All American Collection Worsted (Driftwood)
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Pattern: Monsoon Shawl
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Targhee Worsted (Spawn of Scum)
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