WIP Summary: May 2017

Find Your Fade
Pattern: Find Your Fade
Yarn: Madelinetosh Euro Sock (Antler, Havana [Minimal / Optic], Crudo, Burnished)

If I had to pick a “WIP of the month,” it would probably be my Find Your Fade. I’ve been chipping away at this very consistently since I cast on and, on Monday, while I sat on a lawn chair at an annual Memorial Day party, I finally reached the point in the pattern where the increases and decreases cancel each other out (Section Seven). I’m on my fourth color of six and seem to be at approximately the halfway point.

Gull Island
Pattern: Gull Island
Yarn: Mirasol Yarn Llama Una (Black Dahlia)

Gull Island was my second most-worked-on project this month, however it’s still just 3/4 of a sleeve and most of a body. I’m still have one or two inches left on the body before I set it aside to finish the sleeves and join all of my stockinette tubes. I would like to see this project finished before the end of June, but I’m not sure how serious I am about this goal.

Pattern: Coloring
Yarn: West Yorkshire Spinners Wensleydale Gems DK (Jet)

This is probably the project I’m most in need of, but I worked on it the least this month. I keep switching between knitting the sleeves two-at-a-time and working them separately, unable to decide which method I prefer for this particular project. (I generally prefer knitting sleeves simultaneously.) Despite my indecision, I somehow managed to half-complete both sleeves, and I’m hoping to buckle down and put a big dent in this project next month. I suspect I won’t be finished with it by the end of June.

Baby Sophisticate
Pattern: Baby & Child Sophisticate
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted Weight (Indigo Heather, Seraphim)

I cast on this little three-month-sized cardigan yesterday afternoon. My boyfriend’s sister is due next month, and I’ve been squeezing in baby sweaters throughout May. (Hence the slow progress on my own sweaters.) I actually knit two Flax sweaters this month — both of which still require finishing — as well as a Miel cardigan. This Baby Sophisticate has some mosaic work on the back, but I don’t love it. More on that in a later post.

Seasmoke is still languishing on my needles. It’s ignored, but not entirely forgotten. Instead of working on it this month, I impulsively cast on a Cameo Flower shawl, which I’ve enjoyed working on. Currently, I only work on it on Saturdays, and only on the foul-weather Saturdays, so it too has recently come to a bit of a standstill, but I might move this into my at-home rotation in order to get it off my needles.

WIP: Find Your Fade

As I anticipated, I ended up casting on my Find Your Fade shawl sooner rather than later. It was too hard to resist the charm of the yarns I selected for this project.

After casting on, I quickly realized that it’s equally hard to not give in to the impulse to knit “just one more row.” Similar to my previous experience with speckled yarn, I’m thoroughly enjoying the unpredictability of each colorway: watching how each singular hank transforms into fabric, and blending two in the “Color Melting.” And since I decided to skip the lace sections and knit the entire shawl in garter stitch, this has become an incredibly relaxing and mindless project, making it even harder to put down. It’s the perfect WIP for nights when I get home from work at 22:00, which is four times a week. (The fifth night I get home at 23:00!)

Additional changes: I cast on a couple of times, ultimately deciding that the YOs looked messy and caused a loose edge. I’ve opted to knit a kfb as the increase and slip the stitches along both edges. The recommended double decrease also wasn’t to my liking, so I’m working a centered double decrease (s2kp2), which creates an elegant line of stitches.

Pattern: Find Your Fade
Yarn: Madelinetosh Euro Sock (Antler, Havana [Minimal / Optic], Crudo)
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WIP: Find Your Fade

Find Your Fade

Okay, so this isn’t really a WIP. Yet. But I’m excited that I “found my fade” for the Find Your Fade shawl.

I know you don’t have to use a single dyer or base, but I ended up selecting six hanks of Madelinetosh Euro Sock, which is a plied, 100% merino fingering-weight yarn. From left to right, the colors are: Joshua Tree, Cactus, Burnished, Crudo, Havana (Minimal / Optic), and Antler.

Find Your Fade

I have to finish a couple projects before I start this, but I suspect I’ll cast on before the end of the month.