Project Planning: Fusion

As I mentioned yesterday, the pattern I’d like to try my hand at steeking is Fusion. In anticipation of the project, I’ve been playing around with colors in Google Sheets. I’ve decided to use Quince & Co. Chickadee, which is the yarn that the pattern calls for. It comes in a wide range of colors, which is great — except that I’ve been trying to grow my all black handknits.

I started my color experimentation with greys and a pop of yellow. I was picturing a mostly-black sweater with a mostly-greyscale fair isle band. I didn’t want to go too dark with the greys though. I still want the colorwork to be visible, and if the colors are too similar, I’m afraid that the pattern will look muddled.

So I began considering colors. I was drawn to having a pop of either yellows or oranges, so those colors served as my jumping off point. I also knew that I don’t like purples or reds. Since I was using Google Sheets to develop my palettes, I was able to duplicate the spreadsheet and simply change the colors assigned in the conditional formatting menu. I included a few of my combinations above.

I’ve settled on one of the last two combinations. A visit to my LYS basically sealed the deal. They had the majority of the colors I needed in stock and were able to special order the rest for me, which means I’ve basically committed myself to this palette.

Fusion Palette

Instead of knitting the body of the sweater in black, I opted for Sabine, which is a very dark heather grey. For the background of the chart, I’m using two heathered medium greys. The contrast between the two will probably be subtle, but that’s what I’m going for.

The foreground will be some combination of Peacock, Aleutian, and / or Belize. My LYS had Belize in stock, but my digital “swatch” uses Aleutian, and I think I like that better, so I ordered a hank from the Quince website. If Aleutian looks good next to Peacock, I’ll probably use that as my second foreground teal. If Belize looks good next to Peacock and Aleutian, I might sneak that in when I knit the rows that use Carrie’s Yellow and Honey.

Of course, there’s no way to really know how these will look together without knitting a (steekable) swatch. So that’s the next step.