FO: Bromley

Pattern: Bromley
Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed (Ash)
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Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been telling my mother that I’d knit her a hat. She’s a very picky person, and it was difficult finding a hat pattern that she liked. So I didn’t produce a hat last winter, nor this summer, and then suddenly it was late fall, and I wanted to be able to bring her a hat on Thanksgiving.

Bromley, with its subtle texture and beret-like shape, seemed like something she’d like. (She’s a hard person to please.) I didn’t end up loving the process of knitting it, but eventually I found my rhythm, and I finished knitting it yesterday (Thanksgiving) morning. The cabled texture was kind of hard to capture in a picture, but I think it looks nice.


The crown shaping was a giant pain in the ass though. Twice because I wasn’t reading the directions. Once because I was reading the directions, and I simply didn’t like what I saw. So I went a bit off the pattern for the crown shaping. Instead of starting each decrease section with a k2tog, I knit an ssk and ended with a k2tog. And then I worked the left and right cables based on what appeared in the previous rows.

It worked out perfectly, and I’m not at all convinced that there’s a problem with the pattern, because who knows, maybe I made a mistake in my setup, which caused the crown shaping to not really work for me.

Erie Hat

FO: Erie Hat

Pattern: Erie Hat
Yarn: Stone Wool Romney + Merino (Quartz 03)
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Another simple ribbed hat in another yarn from Stone Wool.

I followed the pattern with three minor exceptions: I did a long tail tubular cast on; I didn’t begin the decreases until I had knit 8″; and after the final decrease round, I did one additional round of k2tog.

I’d like to think that I’ll block this before I wear it, except that I’ll probably wear it tonight.

Pom Pom It!

FO: Pom Pom It!

Pattern: Pom Pom It!
Yarn: Stone Wool Cormo Worsted (Tobacco 03)
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I had every intention of blocking this, but then it briefly got quite cold, and this cozy hat was the first thing I grabbed. I wore it on my bicycle, I wore it while I worked, and then I stopped caring whether it was blocked. Maybe in the spring.

I’ve knit myself a lot of hats, but I can never seem to knit one that I like on my own head. But this one — I like it. I skipped the pom pom, because I’ve realized that, while I like poms, they make it harder to stuff hats in coat pockets and overstuffed bags. I also skipped the twisted rib, because I was feeling lazy and I had already done a non-twisted tubular cast on. (I actually think twisted rib looks a lot nicer than regular rib.)

Really, you don’t need a pattern to knit something like this, but knowing a number of stitches to cast on using which needles and what weight of yarn is useful. And I appreciate that Stephen West is giving this information out for free.