For the Love of Grettir


That spring-like weather we experienced towards the end of February passed, which means I’ve had ample opportunity to wear my new Grettir sweater since finishing it last week.

Perhaps because it’s simply my New Sweater or maybe because it’s a Good Sweater or possibly because it’s the one laying in the most convenient location (draped over the back of the chair that I hang my winter coat on), I’ve worn Grettir almost every day since last Friday. I wore it on a snowy bike ride, which it was actually a little too warm for and consequently I didn’t button my coat and it became covered in snow as I rode the eight miles to work. It kept me warm and dried quickly. I wore it on two consecutive low-to-mid-20°Fs days. And I wore it while I biked home those two windy evenings. And I wore it today while I shoveled the ice that fell overnight in lieu of snow.


I like this sweater very much. It turns out that the sleeve length is just right. I keep it cuffed all the time, and it never feels too short in the arm. The body length is perfect.¹ And I think there’s something to this color thing! Knitting is what brought me around to wearing color, and there’s something about this mix of greens and gold that I can’t quite articulate. But I like it.

Pattern: Grettir
Yarn: Ístex Léttlopi (1407, 9421, 9426, 0867)
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1: Both of my Strokkur sweaters are on the long side (by design), and occasionally the back gets caught on the nose of my saddle.