WIP Summary: March 2017

Meadow Road
Pattern: Meadow Road
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Arroyo (Black)

I’ve finally taken a picture of my Meadow Road pullover. I divided for the front and back on Wednesday night, and I’ve actually knit a couple of inches of the back since taking this photograph. I’m really looking forward to this wearing this sweater this spring. I have a large-ish pile of black Arroyo that I’ve accumulated over several 3-4 hank purchases, and I haven’t been paying much attention to the dye lots, and I already noticed that I have some mixing going on. It’s pretty subtle. I shrugged my shoulders when I saw it. Kind of funny to think that I’m a perfectionist in many other parts of my life, but not in my knitting?

Pattern: Pathway
Yarn: Cascade 220 (Christmas Red)

Last scarf. Stay focused. That’s what I keep telling myself. I’m knitting this as a favor to the mister’s step-mother, and I kinda-sorta have a deadline. It’s actually knitting up quickly since the rows are short, but I might not definitely won’t finish by next week. The cable looks nice, but I can’t wait to block this project, because I think it’ll look even nicer once the fabric lies flat. I’m hoping that the columns of purl stitches also stand out more after blocking, because, right now, it’s difficult to see that the cable and textured panel are flanked by two columns of stockinette.

And I’m still working on my second Seasmoke shawl. This is my weekend project, which doesn’t always get attention on the weekends. It’s progressing slowly, but I’ve decided that I’m not in a rush.