FO: New Beginnings

New Beginnings
Pattern: New Beginnings
Yarn: Malabrigo Rios (Playa, Paris Night)
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I last mentioned this project during my summary of January WIPs, when I was nearly finished but had run out of Playa a mere six or seven rows from the end. I was deciding whether to purchase a third hank or switch to Paris Night for the remainder of the shawl.

After a week and a half of deliberation and prompted by free shipping at WEBS, I finally ordered the third hank. And I’m glad that I did. I think maintaining the patterning between Playa and Paris Night was the right decision.

New Beginnings

I should mention that the alternating Color A lace sections and Color B not-lace sections originates with (as far as I can tell) KnittingDogz.

So, this shawl turned out quite large. It’s 82″ from tip to tip and almost 33″ along the center spine. The Mister thinks it’s also my fanciest-looking shawl due to the alternating colors, even though it might not be the most technical or advanced shawl pattern. Another non-knitting friend commented that this is her favorite thing I’ve ever knit.

I think it’s a nice shawl. But I’m not bowled over by it. Possibly because these aren’t colors I’m particularly drawn to. I’m still deciding what to do with it. I have a feeling that it’ll be “my shawl,” until I realize that I never wear it and an opportunity arises that I need a knitted gift.

Edited on 18 February 2017: The mother of one of my dear friends recently became quite ill, so I’ve decided to give her this shawl as a get-well-soon gift.


WIP Summary: January 2017

New Beginnings (WIP)
Pattern: New Beginnings
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Rios (Playa, Paris Night)

I’m so close to finishing this. I have six rows left in the MC, but I’m about to run out of yarn. I can’t find this colorway at a local store, and I’m not quite ready to pay for shipping on a single hank of yarn. (And I’m not supposed to buy yarn right now.) The alternative is to finish those last few rows of the lace section using my CC, then knit the garter stitch border and bind off in the CC, as planned. What would you do? Splurge on the hank of Playa? Switch to Paris Night?

Freesia Shawl (WIP)
Pattern: Freesia Shawl
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette (Larch Heather)

Yesterday, I passed the halfway point on the attached lace edging. I’ve completed 14 of the 21 edging reps. I can’t wait to get this off my needles, because I don’t actually have a fingering weight shawl of my own. I’m also excited to see how this looks when it’s blocked, because right now — well, you know how it is — it looks like a pile of… unblocked lace.

Grettir (WIP)
Pattern: Grettir
Yarn: Ístex Léttlopi (1407)

Although it’s all stockinette, knitting sleeves somehow seems much slower-going to me than knitting the body of a sweater. I spend a few hours each week on these, and it seems like they’ll never reach their proper length. For my next stranded sweater, I might consider knitting the body and yoke first, so that I can knit the sleeves top-down.

I’m also chipping away at a Meadow Road pullover. I finally decided to leave it at my boyfriend’s apartment, so that I have a dedicated Home Away From Home project. I’d like to finish it in time to wear this spring, but I’ve had considerably less free time this year than I thought I would.

And I’m on the verge of completing my fourth Langoz pullover, which needs to be ready to gift by Sunday.