FO: Pathway

Pattern: Pathway
Yarn: Cascade 220 (Christmas Red)
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Although I’m still not someone who enjoys knitting scarves, I have to admit that this one was very satisfying to make once I found my rhythm. Initially, I worked on it an hour here, an hour and a half there, so every time I picked the project up, I had to consult the chart. But on Saturday, I finally had a day to focus on finishing this and was able to memorize the pattern and breeze through the remaining 50% of the project.

From cast on to bind off, I made absolutely no modifications to the pattern. If memory serves (it probably doesn’t), I knit 40 repetitions of the chart. It ended up being a generous 84″ long and almost 9″ wide. I blocked it pretty aggressively, because I wanted to make sure that the ribbing, which flanks the textured panel and the cable, looked like ribbing and not a wide block of stockinette.


As with the Ginkgo scarf I finished last month, I knit this as a favor for the mister’s step-mother, who is giving some friends a gift basket of handmade goods.