FO: Milliken

Pattern: Milliken
Yarn: Mountain Meadow Wool Sheridan (Prairie)
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This is one of the first yarns I purchased, once I decided that I was going to start wearing colors. Sure, I have a couple of stranded sweaters that aren’t black, but now I’m wearing blue jeans and non-black work pants and earth-toned flannels. (Plus my standard black tee, as some things do not change.) All of this is a lot of color by my standards, and I like it. And it means that’s a wide variety of yarns that are available to me now, like naturally dyed yarns or American and British wools that often don’t come in black.

So when I saw that Heritage Woolery would be closing its doors in December, I jumped at the opportunity to buy a generously discounted pile of 100% American-made yarn in non-black colors. The “Prairie” colorway, slightly more olive green than the pictures show, of this Mountain Meadow bulky yarn was especially attractive to me, and I purchased a vest-quantity of it.


Initially, my plans were to knit a different Elizabeth Smith-designed vest, but the Quince & Co. “Arctic” collection was published not long after I made my yarn purchase, and I really like the simple design of Milliken. This is actually the third pattern I’ve knit by Elizabeth Smith, so there’s definitely something about her designs that speak to me.

The vest is intended to have 9″ positive ease, but that’s a lot of ease — too much, I thought. So I knit the 40″ size, which, after blocking, was in fact 40″ wide. I added an inch or two to the body, because there are few things I dislike more than feeling like I’m pulling on the hem of a sweater all day, because it’s too short. In retrospect, I could have made this longer, but since it’s a thick fabric, I might end up being happy with this length when I’m riding my bicycle.

The only big change that I made to the pattern was to extend the slipped stitch and garter motif into the cowl neck. I also shortened the collar, because an abundance of fabric around the neck will definitely become too warm on my bike.

Very pleased with how this turned out, and it looks like I might be able to wear it tomorrow, as the weather report is currently predicting a high of 37°F and a low of 26°F. (Maybe it’s also time to shut my bedroom windows.) That’s definitely cozy woolen vest weather.